SnarkNews on SEERC - 2014


Congrats to teams, qualified to the World Finals from SEERC: SEERC-2014 Winners Lviv NU Penguins (Bilyi, Herasymiv, Pryshchenko - Ukraine, Lviv NU) and SEERC-2014 runners-up Kyiv NU Flawless (Furko, Ignatenko, Mostovyi - Ukraine, Kyiv NU)!

18.10.2014 (Сб), 11:13 in Vinnytsia and Bucharest, SEERC 2014 is started! On the left panel are overall standings, separate standings for each site, results of Championship of Ukraine and the text translation.

18.10.2014 (Сб) 14:00. Almost English ;) text translation of the SEERC-2014 is added.

18.10.2014 (Сб) 12:00. Text translation of the SEERC-2014 is added (in Russian only for the moment).

18.10.2014 (Сб) 11:22. Congrats Kyiv NU Flawless team on first successful submit in the SEERC-2014!

18.10.2014 (Сб) 11:00. Official quote for SEERC for the World Finals is 2 teams, but probably some extra places will be awarded in December.